Thames which at sunset is picture perfect

I live in a small block in south east West Midland I have a really nice 3rd floor flat with an amazing view of the I live in my two bedroom flat with my boyfriend Alex. The flat is registered in my name as I’m the only one that has a steady job with West Midland escorts. Alex and I have had our differences and we do at times have a toxic relationship but since he got fired from the hotel security job he had things have gotten really bad. Most of my close friends from West Midland escorts of say I should leave him but I have a loyalty to him as we have been together for 8 years. He has always been supportive of my night working hours with West Midland escorts and even looks after my cat for me when I have a 24-hour shift. We have been through some tough times together when we were homeless and poor and Alex was always there, he kept me warm on the streets and inspired me to keep going until I finally got introduced to charlotte West Midland escorts and started making a life for us. Without West Midland escorts and Alex I don’t think I would have made it on the streets and definitely not to where I am now. But last night I saw something that makes me think that the girls from charlotte West Midland escorts were right in saying that I should leave him. I got home after a date last night and noticed that Alex wasn’t home. That’s not unusual but I called around a couple of my West Midland escort friends as he sometimes hangs out with them. No one had seen him. So I figured I would give it a while have a bath and then give him another call. As I came out of my bathroom I went into my bedroom and noticed that my bedroom window curtains were opened as I walked over to close them I saw a man in a black hoodie. I didn’t pay much attention until I noticed the logo on the back. It said ‘life’ in an old English red font. I recognized that hoodie I had bought one just like it for Alex, so I looked a little harder out of my window and saw that the person wearing the hoodie was carrying a large bag and dumped it into the river.

The bag was big enough to hold a body and my imagination went wild. Was this my Alex did he just dump a body in the river right outside our house? Why would he do such a thing we’re my friends at West Midland escorts right? Should I have listen to them or just ignore them like I normally do with the girls at West Midland escorts. I tried calling him again. But there was no answer from him. I started to get worried and continued to call around to West Midland escort colleagues that I knew Alex knew.


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