Do I Really Need a Toy Boy?

After a successful career with London escorts, I finally left when I felt I was becoming a bit too much of a MILF. Sure, some girls work for London escorts until they are well into their 40s but I did not feel it was the right thing to do for me. Not only was I itching to get on and do something else, but I was desperate for a personal relationship. Enjoying a serious personal relationship is not easy to do when you work for a London escorts agency, and like other girls, I really did not feel that I had the chance to experience a lot of romance in my life. 


When I left the London escorts agency, I worked for at the time, I was 36 years old but I did not really act my age. No matter what, I did not find men my own age very attractive. Instead of going out with men my own age or men older than me, I felt the need to date younger men. It may have had something to do with the fact I had dated a lot of senior gents during my London escorts. I was really a bit tired of men my own age or older men. 


When I had been dating younger men for a while, I found myself in a bit of a dilemma. I started to ask myself I really wanted to be in a relationship with a toyboy. Having thought about it a little bit more, I realised that I was not really in the mood for a relationship at all. In fact, dating or going out with the same man all of the time bored me. Besides, up to that point I had dedicated my life to working for London escorts. I really wanted to travel and have some fun. If I was in a relationship with a toyboy, it was not really something that I could do. 


Neither did I want to spend all of my time on my own. When I was in London I wanted to enjoy my nights as well as my days. One day, walking down New Kensington High Street, it all of a sudden hit me. Instead of ending up in some sort of all exhausting relationship with a toyboy, why did I not check out some of the leading male London escorts agencies in London. Male  and female cheap escorts in London agencies have come a long way in recent years and there was no reason why I should not check out the action. 


I had to admit that I felt a  bit silly sitting in front of my computer checking out various hot guys. Was this what the men used to do before they finally came across my profile? I felt sure that many men who like to date the sexiest London escorts spend their time checking the girls out that they would like to date. It felt a bit strange, but with so many gorgeous young London escorts around, you can afford to be picky. Did I manage to find a suitable date? In the end, I did manage to find a couple of hot toy boys at a leading London escorts agency. Setting up my first date was easy, and now I date a couple of hot male London escorts when I am in London. No need for me to bother with a toyboy at all.


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