The Lovely Feet Look

Do you think London escorts have beautiful feet? It is true most London escorts have beautiful feet. Why do cheap escorts focus so much on their feet? Amanda, a sexy girl who works for a leading cheap London escorts agency, says that you need to be prepared. After all, you never know when you are going to run into a guy who has a foot fetish. According to Amanda, that is the main reason she looks after her feet.

How do you indulge your feet when you work for a London escorts? One of the first things London escorts do when they first join an escort agency in London, is to invest in a couple of really good shoes. It is essential to have nice shoes when you go out on dates. Amanda says that she always want to look a million dollar for her clients and this is why she splashes out on shoes. Only the best designer brands are found on Amanda’s sexy feet.

Foot treatments are vital as well. Are all foot treatments the same? Amanda says that it is essential to find the right pedicurist for you. It is a bit like a hairdresser according to Amanda. Some are very good at looking after your feet and has just the right treatments for you. Not all London who work for the same escort agency as Amanda use the same pedicurist. Instead most London escorts have their own pedicurist to look after their feet. Amanda believes only the best is good enough for her feet and she turns to Elemis for her foot care.

What about trainers? Do London escorts wear trainers? Amanda says that she would never dream of wearing trainers when she is on duty with London escorts. However, she does wear them to the gym as they make her feet feel comfortable when she goes for a walk. Amanda says that if you spend a lot of time in the gym, it is really important to have the right trainers to keep your feet safe. Amanda also thinks it is important to wear socks with her trainers. It is apparently the best way to avoid foot fungus in the gym.

Before Amanda goes to bed, she always puts her feet into a foot spa. She says that is how she gets such soft feet. When she wakes up in the morning, she is ready to start the next shift with London escorts. If Amanda knows she has a London escorts client coming in who is really into his foot fetishes, she gives her feet an extra “ seeing-to” as she likes to say. She puts Vaseline on her feet, and pulls on her pop socks. When she wakes up in the morning, she has super soft feet that are extra suckable. If you would like to such Amanda’s toes, or any other London escort, just follow the links on this page.

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